Group Information


Repeater Net

Grimes Co. ARG holds a repeater net once a week on Thursday  @ 6:30 PM. on the repeater of W5JSC on 146.740 MHz. of the offset -6  and PL tone 156.7

ARES Repeater

KG5JRA  441.875  110.9  +5

Back up Repeater

 K5ZY 147.160  88.5  +6 

HF Net (if conditions are good)

Grimes Co. ARG holds a HF net once a month on __________ @ __________, We are planning on meeting on 28.340 USB if that frequency is busy look for us on 28.350 USB.

We will have a net control and he will pick some relays to help people check in. This is also good practice in the event there is an emergency.

We look forward to seeing you on the radio.